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RE: audient(s)

I have played to a audience of 3 who sat and listened and were engaged and 
I've played in front of 10,000 people who were just there to party.  As 
fun as scenario 2 was, I'd opt for scenario 1 without a second thought.

The college concert hall where I work presented Glen Velez a few years 
ago.  He was touring as part of a duo with a violinist who's name escapes 
me.  The school dropped the ball bigtime and did no publicity.  There was 
one person in the audience and he was there purely by chance, and me (the 
stage manager).  Glen's performance that night ranks among one of the 4 or 
5 most amazing musical experiences I've had as an audient.

With so many things today that are competing for people's 
time/money/attention I am always appreciative of anyone who makes the 
effort to show up.  And of the ones who show up by accident but decide to