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loop sync semantics

I wonder ... Do you suppose we can come to a consensus on the words that 
most concisely describe these "looping modes" ... though I guess even that 
phrase is suspect ....

This requires a picture .....
please see http://www.flyloops.com/semantics/loopingmodes.html

Now for the questions:

1 - unsynced ..... this is what happens when you have two loop pedals in 
same room, and neither one really cares when the other is doing.  We have 
all tried looping in a band setting and for many of us, we thought we 
be slick enough to have two people looping and stay in sync ... sadly it 
doesnt work that way!

So .....

2 - full syncronization ..... more advanced looping devices started 
syncronizing loops ..... that is, you can tell the second (slave) loop 
to only start or stop recording when the first throws a repeat.  This is 
typical master/slave set ..... I think.

3 - partial syncronization ... latching ??? ...... Here the loops are also 
syncronized, but the pedal will start recording immediately once pressed 
.... it just knows to only stop recording/start playback when the master 
loop is at a certain offset .......

More importantly .... lets talk hardware .....

--- The RC20 and original boomeraang are of course, only layering ... so 
could think of this as full syncronization but without the ability to have 
phrases of different lengths, or to turn phrases on/off once recorded .....

----  The RC50 has 3 loop banks ... They are unsynced I believe ???  Or 
can set a midi clock and preprogram a length??  Can they be different 
lengths then, but synced (like the EDP multiply function?).  Forgive me, 
I haven't checked one out yet.

----  If you have the cash two EDPS, you can have a master slave and set 
the EDPs as fully synced ....

----  Mobius behaves as fully synced I believe ... though I have only used 
it a little.  Do you have to preprogram the loop length, or can it just 
off the length of the recorded "master" loop, and then go from there ....

----  Does anything do that other one ..... partial synced / latching .... 
imagine Ableton could with some work .....

Anyway .... I look forward to the responses .... lemme know what you think 
the proper words area here for what I call synced/ unsynced/ latching 

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