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Re: RC-50 Software update question

had a late answer from roland support in the us regarding the rc50....but 
have already let the matter go in my mind....still interesting 
sounds a bit worn down by my questions...

"The RC-50 has had a few quirks in its short life. One, a short skip in 
audio playback upon using it live to loop, was addressed in an update. 
updates come from Japan where the product is designed, developed and 
manufactured. When they get to the US, they are complete and ready to go 
the shelf. If they need fixes, such as the RC-50 needed, it requires us to 
contact Roland Japan and ask their engineers to stop the development on 
upcoming products and to turn their attention to developing this software 
update. Needless to say, it can sometimes be difficult to convince our 
parent company that they NEED to do something for us. Although we here at 
Roland US seem like we own and operate the entire Roland world, the real 
truth is that we are merely distributors of the Roland brand here in the 
We are the Guitar Center that ONLY sells Roland, you could say.

Anyhow, long explanations aside, this is the reason behind the "That is 
way it works" answer you seem to keep getting. We don't HAVE engineers 
in the US that we can tell to "get on it" or to devote to, what we 
an important update. We don't have a way to fix this problem you are 
and it seems that we may not have a way in the near future. We were very 
lucky to get the one update we did receive and it would seem that there 
no more coming down the pipeline. I realize this may be a little 
disillusioning for you, but I guess sometimes the truth can do that. In 
end, if the pedal seems unstable and unusable to you, it may not be the 
product for you.

Again, sorry for the lengthy message, but you seemed to want a rock solid 
answer. This explanation is literally THE best answer you can get from 
anyone in the entire US on this product.
I hope that this helps answer your request. If you need more assistance in 
this matter, please either re-submit your support request or contact our 
Product Support Department at the appropriate number:

Digital Recorders and Mixers: 323-890-3741
Guitar/Percussion Products: 323-890-3743
Pianos, Organs, Arrangers: 323-890-3744
Synths/Sound Modules/Groove Products: 323-890-3745
Product Support Main: 323-890-3740

Roland Product Support"