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Re: Reactable

It looks more like a modular synth like the moog or clavia modular, I'd 
Now, speaking of looping, I guess a LFO modulating the frequency or a 
16-steps sequencer controlling the filter cutoff of a droning OSC can be 
also called looping.
I think the modular guru's call this noodling.

Some cool stuff in the same "midi" looping categories are appearing:
yamaha tenori-on
a.. http://www.sonicstate.com/news/shownews.cfm?newsid=4357
a.. www.global.yamaha.com/design/tenori-on
a.. www.tenorion.blogspot.com
the nintendo electroPlankton:

It's a beautiful world we are living in ;-)


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> So has anyone else seen the videos for the Reactable @
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vR0IBdoPiho
> Yeah, it is weird. From the video, it looks like there is more looping 
> than
> actual sequencing, but it looks pretty fun to play with and create Atari
> 1977 sounds. I'd like a whole wall make out of this stuff, really.
> Dave Eichenberger
> http://www.daveeichenberger.com


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