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Re: Why contemporary music sounds terrible

Tony K schrieb:
> This is my current favorite "radio" station.
> www.last.fm <http://www.last.fm>
> type in a band name and the station plays related bands.  I put in King 
> Crimson and got  Van der Graaf Generator, Spock's Beard, Camel, Caravan, 
> Gong, Gentle Giant, Mahavishnu Orch., Soft Machine, Doors, The Mars 
> Volta, Tool, Zappa...

That looks damn interesting, much better than MySpace...
but no tag "loops", did you put your music up? does it get played there?

It seems that Imogen Heap is the most successful looper there...
Krispen and Per are a bit underated in comparison... ;-)


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