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Re: VSTi piano - or other laptop synth

> Wow, very cool!
> Check out the free VST synth called Mr. Ray, presumably referring
> to Ray Charles.

I use Mr. Ray, Mr. Tramp (wurly emulator) and Organized Trio (B3
emulator), all by the same developer, in my live laptop setup as my basic
keyboard sounds. I also have Logic on the studio G5, and I honestly like
Mr. Ray better than the EVP88 Rhodes in Logic. Neither really sound like a
Rhodes to me, but Mr. Ray has a character and responsiveness that feels
like a real electromechanical piano. Also, Mr. Ray takes effects and
looping very nicely. Organized Trio is remarkably close to EVB3, the amp
simulation doesn't quite have the same grit, but the rest is really close
to my ears. Given the price (free if you don't mind the nag screen), these
vsti's are awesome.

Still haven't found a freeware acoustic piano I like, though.

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