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Re: RC20-xl question

At 10:47 PM 2/27/2007, you wrote:

>Hi Chris
>Can you get your computer to read you what's on screen?  Is that 
>how you read email?  I'm wondering if it couldn't read a PDF manual?
Yep, you're right on there. I use software, generically called a 
screen reader, to do just that - voice what is on the screen in a 
rather male robotic voice.  Yep, I can read pdf manuals, or rather, 
the text in them, if any. Usually, companies love to put little 
graphics in, either pictures of controls, or diagrams, which is 
where things aren't quite as accessible.

So, I had read the manual, but didn't want to just start tapping 
those smaller buttons randomly. :)

Don't get me started on the newer gadgets - video recorders with 
on-screen program guides, DVD menus, etc.

>Hopefully this isn't TOO stupid!
No, definitely not! Heck, if anybody has any questions about how I 
do computer things, music things, guitar things, or anything else 
really, email me.  Ask away! I'd rather have people ask and find 
things out, than think, well, who knows what. :)


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