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Re: What do you think is necessary in order to have an excellentcomposition?

Daryl Shawn wrote:
> If the structure makes its own sense, anything can work.

I would say the sense makes it work. Any good composition needs to make 
sense, and thats it. The skill and art is, to transport this to an 
audience. It works, if the audience can recognize it...

> I do find that the golden rectangle is a construct that pops up again
> and again, particularly in pop songs. The climax, bridge, solo,
> whatever is nearly always at that magical point.

But it doesn't work if it doesn't make sense, and if there is sense, it 
might not need it. I could always find an example of music you like, 
which would not follow any concrete rules, some might think are 
essential. That music needs to make sense is not a rule which would give 
you tools to compose, but it will free your mind to explore new frontiers.
The rules can deliver a frame, they are not the music, you put the music 
into a frame, but music can very well survive without it...

There are so many statements like: Music needs a rythm, music needs a 
melody, music needs harmony, music needs a form - all with a connatation 
of concrete rules, mostly historic relevant rules. All this is bullshit...
It might lead to beautiful music, but not because of following the 
rules, I'd say though it follows some rules...

Of course you can, and should, incorporate your knowledge about rules 
into your compositions, but its just one of many elements which can lead 
the audience to the essence of your music.


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