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Re: Why contemporary music sounds terrible

I think a lot of the reason we find this lust for
compression is the environment most of us listen to
music in (at least in this country): The Car.  Ever
try listening to Pink Floyd's The Wall in your car? 
You're constantly riding the volume to hear quiet
passages and potting down when the loud parts come in.

Of course, the right answer to this problem is to
build nice compressors/limitors into car decks and
iPods (I'm sans car so that's my noisey environment...
Your car going by me!) so the user can make a personal
choice about how his music sounds based on his
listening habits.  What sounds great coming out of
your $5K home stereo speakers in your house in the
country just isn't going to work in a 1982 Honda

However, that's not the way our world works.  Our
world seems to be geared toward the lowest common
denominator.  There are millions of people who listen
to all their music from a $100 car stereo in a 1982
Honda Civic and only a few thousand who regularly
listen to music from a good home stereo.  Sad, but
true.  Recently my wife, who regularly claims not to
be able to hear the difference between good and bad
sound, remarked how good the sound was when we watch
Heroes on my Mac in my studio via iTunes.  People can
hear the difference, but if they care... that's the


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