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Re: Hartung's 'Fragments'

Wow, thank you so much for the kind review, Fabio.  Your comments resonate 
well with how
I view my own music and how I want it to come across to other 
this is good news.

Also, I will take your suggestion seriously, about reducing the length of 
future CDs. I think you
make a good point, which I was unwilling to recognize in the past.  
of the costs of getting a
CD out, and the fear that listeners might feel short changed, I tend to 
up almost all 80 minutes of
my CDs....thinking that I was benefiting the listener and giving them more 
"bang" for their buck. However,
I believe you are correct that for music this complex, 80 minutes, or even 
74 minutes to too much to consume.

My goal in future CDs will be to keep them under 1 hour (targeting 45 
minutes), and also to make my
songs a bit shorter (4-6 minutes).  I've been thinking how to keep my 
shorter anyway...attempting
to "truncate" my musical expressions to the main messages, but without 
sacrificing any sense of natural flow.
This is sometimes a major challenge, as more complex musical ideas take 
longer to develop. I forces us
to ask questions like, "How long do I need to loop this part and just add 
ambient textures to it for me to
get my "idea" across....and, how long does the section need to loop before 
the listener says, "Okay, I get
it now....when is the next page of the story going to turn?"


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> Dear Kris,
> i want to thank you for the copy of Fragments you've send to me, letting
> you know my opinion about it.
> The first and most important sensation i get from listening to it is a
> 'rare' sense of musical freedom.
> Here, notes, melodies, sounds and effects are combined in such a complex
> and creative way that you may think that this kind of music come from
> another planet. Or that it's just the complex spirit of this edge that's
> reflected in this work.
> I think this is one of the most important peculiarity of your work: an
> unusual ability to get control over a rich paintbrush of sounds and 
> effects
> and have all that stuff mixed in a natural way with music (melodies,
> chords, improvvisation).
> Looping is very 'natural': every new layer is the development of the
> tension builded before.
> Best track - in my opinion - is
> 'Nebula', with its nice minimal melodic theme, 'stellar' sounds in the
> background and a crescendo on finale and 'Mork og Iser', with that
> floatings chords and that guitar on finale, that reminds me a certain
> Metheny's atmosphere.
> This is - for me - the best element that work in your music: that you 
> don't
> forgive melodies, amongs sounds and effects.
> If i can give you a suggestion, i think that this kind of music require 
> active listening to understand and enjoy it: so an extended duration (up 
> to
> 70 min) is not a good thing for a non-fan of this genre. I think that 40
> min. is the best duration for a Cd, because, in mostly case, when it's
> reach the end, the listener is not tired and remember what he liked has
> the pleasure the listen to it in a short time.
> But...you're so prolific...that you could release one Cd per month...
> ...It's just my opinion, so forgive it if you're not agree.
> My best
> Fabio
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