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RE: non-latching footswitch with led

I guess it doesn't exist on the market because you can't make it
"fail-safe". Alternating a LED is easy indeed, but if you don't use any
feedback from the jamman (as Bill suggested with "Run a line from the unit
led to the footswitch") your switch LED might well be out of sync with the
jamman led, making it of little use I think (unless you add a separate 
button" which lets you toggle the led without triggering the momentary
switch...) ?

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On 25 Feb 2007 at 16:34, bill bigrig wrote:

> footswitch, or using a battery and led, put a fip-flop in the 
> footswitch so that every push will alternate the led on or off.

I have someone who can build this for me, but thought there might be one
*somewhere* on the market - it's not exactly hi-tech and would be perfect
for non-midi rack jamman users