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Re: Immersive sound

Once you start using multi speaker setups you never want to go back  
to stereo. There are a lot of ways to treat multi speaker setups in a  
live performance. One is to setup spins and spirals - with different  
loops having different movement around the room. Another is to play  
with filters and delays with each speaker being slightly different.

If you want to try playing with this you might want to try my  
software - Kenaxis VBAP. (http://www.kenaxis.com/) You can set it up  
for anywhere from 3 to 8 speakers. There are a couple of 8 channel  
effects that really quickly immerse the audience - the main one being  
an 8 channel delay. Instead of independently setting the delay time  
for each speaker you choose a range of delay times for all of the  
speakers so that each one is slightly different and allows the sound  
to break up and immerse you. You stop hearing the du du du du of a  
typical delay since there are too many separate delays coming at you.  
They all blend into one beautiful sound.

If you have any questions let me know. I hope to have the system up  
and running in some sort of a configuration for the Boise  
Experimental Music Festival.