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RE: Immersive sound

Once I tried using a fancy 5way cross-over to split signals to different
speakers by frequency.  Cool experiment, but I didn't end up being thrilled
by the results.

On the "3rd speaker" idea,  I've thought about a mono mix to a center full
range speaker with less wet FX,  and 100% wet stereo mix to L and R
speakers.    This should be easy with most computer interfaces that have
enough outputs.  Or, using mixer sends to for a mono output.   Either of
these techniques would allow for controlling the volume and EQ of the mono
mix, as well.      But I hadn't thought of placing this speaker in the 



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Robert Fripp had a nice quad system when I saw him at Norwich Cathedral.

Some of his loops would gradually fade from his front pair of speakers into
a second pair behind the audience.
Very effective, gave the impression of sounds hanging in the air.

Travis Hartnett wrote:
> Have you tried the three speaker setup described by Eno (I think it's
> in the liner notes for "On Land")?  

Yep, it's on the back cover of Ambient 4 on land.
Also says that a higher impedance 3rd speaker van be used if you want 
lower volume, or use a potentiometer.

I noticed that adding this speaker reduces the difference between the L 
and R speakers, although this effect is less with a high impedance 
speaker (could use a series resistance of suitable wattage)

It seemed better when the 3rd speaker was quite quiet.

Generally the "black" speaker connectors are both earthed together, so 
the +VE terminals are a better bet.

One unsatisfactory thing about this setup is that it's assymetric, the 
3rd speaker is in phase with one of the main speakers and not the other
so there's always a hole in the surround.
My theoretical "solution" was a figure 8 pattern speaker.

Could always try to hook up 2 extra speakers, in series with opposite 
phase, and then try various positions.

andy butler