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Re: fcb1010: WICH BAG ?

This is the one Jeff uses, I believe:



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Subject: Re: fcb1010: WICH BAG ?

> On 23 feb 2007, at 17.52, Fabio Anile wrote:
>> Hi people,
>> wich kind of bag do you raccomend for the FCB1010 ?
>> Thanx
> We mangled this thread half a year ago and as one thing I learned  
> then (posted by Zoe Keating) I that you can buy a violin box and rip  
> out the interior foam to get a nice FCB box. But then I found this  
> bigger flight case (Peli case) that is long enough to store a FCB  
> plus other things, so I went for that solution instead. There is a  
> less expensive brand available, as an alternative to Peli, that Jeff  
> Keiser has. We compared them during Y2K6 Looping fest Santa Cruz and  
> it seemed that Jeff's was as good as Peli although NASA uses Peli for  
> their instruments (but they do not loop - well... eventually around  
> the moon, but not in music... I think).
> I also have a softcase/gig-case for the FCB which is fine when you go  
> for local gigs. But as usual with those soft cases the zippers break  
> too easily. My zippers were good for one week and that was four years  
> ago. I still use the softcase now and then but I have to wire it up  
> with a huge rubber band. Not very pro  ;-))
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