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Re: ontology and epistemology of aesthetics

The question posed was "who listens" not "why do I make music". The 2 are seperate. The who is listening part is directly related to who is paying you. I try to put the same energy into everything I do. But the results are different depending on what style I play.
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From: "RICK WALKER" <looppool@cruzio.com>

> midifriedchicken said,
> "And we move swiftly to the subject of "Who listens to this shit anyway?"
> Answer: Not really anybody. I mean, I love it, but if you play "New" music
> for most people, they get that glazed look in their eye and start looking at
> their watch...............Thats why I have 2 sometimes 3 setlists ready at
> all times. One for money, one for art and one more for money."
> God forbid that you should make music because YOU love it.
> Rick