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Re: Anyone Using the Digitech Vocalist

Quoting Richard Sales <richard@glasswing.com>:

> Oh my gosh YES!  I went to your site before!  I love it - had a big
> smile going!

Thank you!  Glad you enjoy the site.

> I guess Harmon Killebrew might be DATING (and locating) me a bit, eh!?

I don't follow sports a lot however I instantly recognized Harmon  
Killebrew because I thought he may have played for the Royals.  And I  
looked it up and, yes! -- it was for only one year before he retired  
as a baseball player.

Of course, we had George Brett -- what an awesome athelete.

> The vox effects on that sound just fine.

Thanks.  The harmonizer is kind of "mechnical" compared to overdubbed  
harmony however the harmonizer "sound" is unique and useful.  Now that  
I'm working with loops I am revisiting the harmonizer so I can build  
up harmonic loops faster.

> The only harmonizer I've ever used is the one in my throat, the one on
> the Roland Guitar Synth and the Ensoniq DP4.
> I'll check it out! Thanks Kevin,

Enjoy!  :)