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Re: the wake of the dinasours

Speaking of "Dinosaur" bands reforming and roaming the earth, I'm just
listening to the new Art Ensemble of Chicago disc, "Cognitive Aspects of
The City", recorded live at Iridium in NYC over several nights. Corey
Wilkes and Jaribu Shihad replace the sadly departed Lester Bowie and
Malachi Favors on trumpet and bass, respectively. I would have never
really envisioned the AECO without Bowie in particular, but it's a
wonderful disc, the energy is amazing. One of the best avant-jazz discs
I've heard in years, it really has that playful and rooted approach to the
avant garde that always characterized the AECO for me. No looping, in
fact, no electronics whatsoever, but I'm sure there's a few AECO fans on
this list. They've been a huge influence on me over the years.