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Re: Anyone using NI Guitar Rig 2?

On 21 feb 2007, at 22.09, mark sottilaro wrote:

> Wait... didn't you say yesterday that you'd never buy
> a product from NI ever again? ;)

I'm just checking it out now. And because of that noise when feeding  
it MIDI CC# I can resist buying it for my own use. Too bad, because  
it's really a neat laptop alternative. I'm also interested in peoples  
opinion on gear because I sometimes write about gear. Thanks for your  
input, it was interesting to hear your take on the GR2.


> I took a listen to Guitar Rig 2 and while I found the
> tone to be good (but very NI) and the ability to set
> up ADSR envelops to control effects very nice... it
> didn't do it for me.  The "feel" wasn't there.  I
> imagine what I'm missing is related to latency.  I
> seem OK with it in the synth world but when it comes
> to guitar it bothers me.  Seems like it would be
> perfect to record a nice clean tone into and be able
> to mess with it during the mix process though.
> So what about that NI sound, eh?  Personally I love it
> but it's so there in every product they make.  When I
> checked out Massive the first thing I thought was,
> "Woah, sounds like Reaktor."
> When I figured I'd have to have something to control
> it anyway it just didn't make sense from a cost/weight
> stance.  Also factor in that it's pretty CPU hungry.
> When the dust settled it seemed that my Vox
> Tonelab/Lexicon MPX1 rig was clearly the way to go.
> Mark
> --- Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> I had a chance to try out Guitar Rig 2 and found an
>> annoying problem.
>> If you assign a MIDI expression pedal to some
>> parameter (like wha-
>> wha, volume or delay feedback) some rig patches
>> create a crackling
>> noise when the MIDI CC data is streaming. Have other
>> GR2 user noticed
>> this?