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Re: Anyone using NI Guitar Rig 2?

I saw yesterday that Zoom has a new product rolling out to compete with the Vox floorboard (http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/products/g92tt/index.php).  Looks pretty interesting!


mark sottilaro wrote:
Wait... didn't you say yesterday that you'd never buy
a product from NI ever again? ;)

I took a listen to Guitar Rig 2 and while I found the
tone to be good (but very NI) and the ability to set
up ADSR envelops to control effects very nice... it
didn't do it for me.  The "feel" wasn't there.  I
imagine what I'm missing is related to latency.  I
seem OK with it in the synth world but when it comes
to guitar it bothers me.  Seems like it would be
perfect to record a nice clean tone into and be able
to mess with it during the mix process though.

So what about that NI sound, eh?  Personally I love it
but it's so there in every product they make.  When I
checked out Massive the first thing I thought was,
"Woah, sounds like Reaktor."

When I figured I'd have to have something to control
it anyway it just didn't make sense from a cost/weight
stance.  Also factor in that it's pretty CPU hungry. 
When the dust settled it seemed that my Vox
Tonelab/Lexicon MPX1 rig was clearly the way to go.


--- Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi List,

I had a chance to try out Guitar Rig 2 and found an
annoying problem.  
If you assign a MIDI expression pedal to some
parameter (like wha- 
wha, volume or delay feedback) some rig patches
create a crackling  
noise when the MIDI CC data is streaming. Have other
GR2 user noticed  

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