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oil can oil

I just looked at ebay and the oil for oll can delays isn't there now. Was just a week ago.

It IS available. So here's one resource.


and another


which will lead you to:


This is where I learned the tiny bit I know about oil can delays.

There's a guy on ebay trying to sell a Fender oilcan for almost 700! They're not worth that. A very rare Standel just sold for less than 300 (if I remember correctly). I hear the best are the Gibson ones and they fetch around $300 USD.

As you can see, I am - of course - interested in the project!

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio

On 19-Feb-07, at 9:31 PM, Bob Weigel wrote:

Oh yeah... I have one of the fender dimension things that ran out of oil. Is the oil available at any more reasonable rate? Is anyone interested in this project? -Bob

burnett@pobox.com wrote: