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Re: show me yours and i'll show you mine...

well, I don't have much to show in terms of pictures of my actual system (I'm shy), since it consists of nothing but a laptop, MIDI controller, small acoustic pre-amp, and 1's and 0's...but here my page that describes the entire system, with pictures of components, screen shots of VST effects, etc.
Regarding mono/stereo, for my avant-garde looping gig, I couldn't think of going back to mono. Stereo imaging is critical to many of my effects. I play mono only if I'm doing a small jazz looping gig with my combo amp.  There are advantages to using effects before or after your looping unit. We've discussed this many, many times on the list.  Obviously, if you use effects before, then you can loop all those interesting textures and sounds, and layer on top of them with other sounds.  However, adding effects after your looping unit is really interesting too, because you can lay down some loops, and then treat your effects as an instrument, manipulating the original loop material.  I have my VST host setup to drop any VST effect in after Mobius, but I rarely use effects in my looping system this way. I barely have time to explore all the effects I have, applied before looping.
Monitoring...everyone as their preferences. At live performance, I prefer stereo monitors in front of me, fairly loud and full.  I've monitored myself with headphones before, but it disturbs me. It generates a sense of detachment between me, my performance, and what the audience is hearing. I prefer to hear the live mix and be in the relative same listening space as the audience, not a perfect one via headphones. I used headphones only once, at Y2K4. I don't like it.  However, for my studio work, headphones are my only preference.  Sometimes folks have problems with feedback via live monitoring. I've resolved that with different techniques, such as using the side-fill monitor approach vs. two in front, or visa versa...or putting the Mains behind the performers, etc.
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Subject: show me yours and i'll show you mine...

Hi folks,  what about posting pictures of your rig? there is probably not one alike out there. Im interested in what experiences people have, specially in operating in strereo /mono use of fx before/after looper,  regarding monitoring, use of microphones in a loop setup etc etc... use of laptop/ software in this context
heres mine 

Arne R. Skage jr.