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Re: Bought My First Looper - Here's the problem

So you never find yourself needed to loop a chorus after looping the verse 
and wanting to come back to the looped verse?

If I remember right, the RC20 allows for 10 loops.  Any idea if you can 
save a loop to one of the those 10 slots, do a brand new loop and then 
come back to the first loop all withing the context of a single song?  
That is, without stopping?

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To offer a different opinion, again just based on what I do live, I 
use a Boss RC20 for playing solo jazz. I play the chords or a bass 
line in, then play or solo on top of it. So, admittedly, I'm not 
using most of the features of the unit and just need something to 
record myself, that is controlled by my feet.


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