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Re: Bought My First Looper - Here's the problem

Sure!  It's a ton of fun.  And it looks like the market of MIDI foot controllers is expanding...

x031661-loopers@yahoo.com wrote:
Thanks.  Unfortunately my PC is a desktop.  I might experiment with the software anyway.  Thanks!

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Well, somebody has to say it...

If you have a PC laptop (or other easy-to-transport PC) with a decent audio interface, you could use Mobius (zonemobius.com) for free, and it does this (among many other things) very well!


Sandy Rowles wrote:
Dave, I have had a Boss rc-20xl ( very similar to Digitech Jamman) and a Lexicon Jamman. Both were fun to play with but I have since gotten an Echoplex Digital Pro (edp) and find that it suits me much better than any of the others I have had. I guess it really depends on what you want to do, but as far as making multiple separate loops without having to stop, and being able to switch between them seamlessly, the EDP is great. It isn't very cheap but it is my favorite and has been the most applicable in a live situation in my opinion.

On 2/18/07, x031661-loopers@yahoo.com <x031661-loopers@yahoo.com > wrote:
I've been reading about loopers for the last few days and it seems like, as with anything new, you don't really know what you want from reading about it.  I had to buy one, now I have a better idea what I want and I'm wondering if someone can tell me if I can actually get this from what I have, or what I should have bought.

I have a digitech JamMan.

I find it pretty easy to create loops with my guitar.  I like the Auto Record.  I find it easier not to use a pre-set tempo.  I like that I can overdub on a loop.  I like Undo.  I like that there's 99 loops possible.  I like that I can increase the memory.  I like that, during playback, you can change loops and it waits until the end of the current loop to switch.

A lot of these features might be normal for any looper - I don't know.

It seems to have a big deficiency for live use though in that I can't save a loop while the loop is playing.

What I want to be able to do is to record a loop, say a verse.  Let it loop as long as I need.  When the chorus comes I want to step to the next loop, which would be empty and record the chorus, let it loop as needed and then switch back to the verse and let it start looping the verse again.  Maybe I'd add an overdub or something, then switch to the chorus - come back to the verse etc.

The problem is, if I record the verse loop and then switch to the next loop number I lose the verse - because I didn't save it.  If I want to save it I must first stop it from playing, which is not appropriate live.

Is that a problem with most loopers?  I was also considering the Boss RC-20  or, if I must spend that much an RC-50.

Or maybe there's someway to get the JamMan to do what I want?

Any ideas or suggestions?