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Rite of Spring

Can you imagine living in a society passionate enough about art to riot 
I don't think it was the dissonance that caused the reaction to Rite of 
Spring.Shoenberg began publishing dissonant compositions several years 
earlier.The piece was a ballet and the staging sets,costuming were also 
shocking .The intent of the piece was to tap into the primal energy of 
ancient Pagan rites of spring,and one of th emost important elements was 
syncopated rhythms inspired by African rhythms. The audience was Eurpopean 
elites,people whose culture had through the Church,and social orders been 
working for almost 100 generations to suppress and control 
primitive/instinctual/sexual energies.  And the Rite triggered all that 
supressed energy,as it was intended to do. Early jazz and rock and roll 
caused related cultural responses in different demographics.