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Re: dl4 power supply

In AC output supplies, as long as the current is adequate you are 
usually ok.  (I'm a line 6 repair center btw )  The only consideration 
is a really high current supply has no sag of course.  so it might put 
out quite a bit more than 9Vac expecting that you are going to use it in 
an application that draws a good percentage at least of the rated 
power.  And if you do not, then you can possibly overvoltage 
something.    But in this case sounds like youa re in reasonable bounds 
and yes I've done that many times with alesis stuff or whatever that 
runs off AC.  More typically problems happen when people try to use 
properly rated power supplies on a boss unit etc. where a regulated DC 
supply is demanded and they wonder why there is buzz.   Some devices 
that use dc supplies don't have internal regulation and if it says you 
must have that unit then possibly that's the case.  But obviously with 
an AC output supply requirement, there is no regulation at all in the 
wal wart unit.  -Bob

Shayne Cafferata wrote:

> i just bought a dl4 without a pwr supply. upon digging through my 
> suitcase of wallwarts i pulled out an old nintendo adapter. rated with 
> an ouput at 9VAC/1.3A. if i get the right size tip and the correct 
> polarity, is there any reason why this wouldn't work?
> or
> anyone know a canadian source for a suitable adapter or should i just 
> stick with the line 6 one?
> shayne