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Re: looping or delay?

On 14 feb 2007, at 12.24, Ben wrote:

> Can this be called looping? I guess not but cool anyway.
> Brian May teaching the use of delay for multi harmony guitar parts.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs87GuoOvYo
> A great way to learn scales as well.

Nice video. Here's where he does it live:

I definitely think Brian May is looping on of both those videos.  He  
makes some noise, has it loop back and acts on basis of that to build  
more complex music. I think that's the essence of looping. Wether a  
musician loops with more or less complex techniques is not important  
for the activity to be called "looping". And as Brian said on the  
clinic video, even J.S. Bach was looping, even though he didn't do it  
in real-time but in composing. But I wouldn't say that J.S. was "a  
looper", since loopers work with real-time audio manipulation.

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