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Re: Acetone EC-1 demo online

Ah, that's awesome, thanks for sharing.

Tape rules! rules! rules!

Daryl Shawn
> http://youtube.com/watch?v=V2b7fhDUB3U
> Just polished this S.O.B. up and gave it a run through last night and 
> a short video. Nothing like the real thing. Comments/questions welcome.
> One interesting things about this model (apparently an almost exact
> knockoff of the Roland RE101 with different controls) is that it uses a
> short tape only as big as the loop itself. The other space echos I've
> played with from multivox to the Rolands always had those long tapes that
> bundled up and did the sound on sound thing. This is a bit more immediate
> and raw in it's sound IMO. Very nice actually and the Echoplexlike 
> on top and on the face are a nice touch.
> Anyone have or know who might have the schematics on these things? I'd
> like to keep her running smooth.