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Re: my first loop

Bill Fox schrieb:
> Dirk Wilbert wrote:
>> this is the first looping piece I recorded that I like - happened 
>> quite by accident this evening, when I was playing around with the 
>> Mo-FX delay and the alesis metavox - suddenly the basic loop was 
>> there and I started to jam over it.
>> I think it's funny that I didn't use Mobius or the Digitech Jamman 
>> Looper (that I bought for this ;-)- must be kind of a sign not to 
>> focus too much on the technical part of looping. 
> Hi Dirk,
> I'm listening right now.  Sounds awesome!  The guitar, like the loop, 
> is sublimely understated.
> Cheers,
> Bill
Hi Bill,
thank you!
It's not a guitar - it's a CP33 E-Piano sound run through some effects. 
I tried to let it sound like a guitar.