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Re: Back to the EDP, Home at last!

On 8 feb 2007, at 22.13, midifriedchicken@comcast.net wrote:

> After trying the LP1 and the RC-50, Ive recently re-aquired the EDP.

I agree. The EDP concept totally rocks! I don't think I will ever  
sell my EDP. And I'm very happy that Mobius, with the upcoming  
upgrade, finally is becoming as playable as the EDP.

> Last night I was up to 4 in the morning rediscovering the EDP. The  
> setup Im using:
> Strat or Taylor into Live 6/Guitar Rig 2, Audio from the one track  
> is sent out via a Firewire 410 to a Channel on a Mackie Mixer, out  
> of the mixer to the EDP using an aux out, From the EDP, back to its  
> own channel. Live is playing beats and/or bass lines(Stylus/ 
> Trilogy). All of this is being controlled by a FCB1010.

Intersting. So you're actually creating a physical feedback loop with  
the EDP around the mixer! I did that to my EDP once when putting it  
in the effect loop of the REpeater.

I'm now rehearsing with a guitar looping setup all hosted by a  
Windows laptop. Running Bidule with Guitar Rig 2 VST tempo synced to  
Mobius VST and a general reverb VST plug-in on the main looper  
output. FCB and an analog stereo compressor between laptop and PA.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)
http://tinyurl.com/2kek7h (latest music release)