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Re: Great music - looping

There's always the album that has remained one of my favorites of all 
time, by any artist in any style, Torn's 1987 "Cloud About Mercury". 
It's a band record, with a helluva band, Tony Levin, Bill Bruford, Mark 
Isham. It was my first real exposure to looping other than seeing "our 
own" Douglas Baldwin live around that time (I still have a cassette 
album I bought then, with "The Long Dance" on it).

For marrying technology with innovation with interesting composition 
with unbelievable depth of feeling, "Cloud" is my top pick.

I heart DT.

Daryl Shawn
>> I`ve just got the cd Tripping over God - by David
>> Torn. I am shure many of you allready got this - to
>> those of you that aint got it - buy it. Its so great !
> You should get "what means soild traveller" - similar territory, 
> similarly inspired...