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Re- my first loop

Hi !

Nice stuff. Is it guitar ?

Rune Fagereng

--- Dirk Wilbert <dwilbert@rhein-zeitung.de> skrev:

> Hello,
> this is the first looping piece I recorded that I
> like - happened quite 
> by accident this evening, when I was playing around
> with the Mo-FX delay 
> and the alesis metavox - suddenly the basic loop was
> there and I started 
> to jam over it.
> I think it's funny that I didn't use Mobius or the
> Digitech Jamman 
> Looper (that I bought for this ;-)- must be kind of
> a sign not to focus 
> too much on the technical part of looping.
> http://www.wilbertmusic.de/Mo-FX_2.mp3
> <http://www.wilbertmusic.de/Mo-FX_2.mp3>
> Hope you enjoy it.
> Dirk

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