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looping forum set up

I've set up a small looping forum, having looked for anything similar 
without luck. it's in no way intended as a rival for loopers-d, but I 
enjoy forums and find them easy to use. I don't envisage much 
traffic, but you never know. Yoo can be the 2nd member by visiting 
here (please leave a message!)


It's my first forum, so things will inevitably change and develop, 
all/any help appreciated.

Please don't jump down my neck if you already have something similar, 
I tried several different google searches over several days. Worst 
case scenario, it'll be devoted to my music and have 3 members  
(wife, mother, aunt) - actually, my wife probably won't join - she 
doesn't "get it" ;)

All the best,

Nick Robinson