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RE: a very early demo

Hi Bill

thanks for taking the time to listen and comment on my stuff. I totally 
on board what you say not putting oneself down, paticularly in the live 
arena where persona and confidence matter so much ( I already figured this 
was something i would need to work on a lot as I do come across as a lil 
bumbling live) ... however in the context of my mail, I was basically 
my desription as a "quality control" tool. I didnt want any people here to 
go away thinking I consider this level of recording to be part of my 
"output" maybe i should have summarised under the term "work in progress" 
and left it at that.

anyways onto the explaination...
hehe, heres where my lack of musical knowlage shows through in all its 
I was moving between two chords and began tapping a beat out that worked , 
kind of had a Postal Sevice feel to it so i thought it might suit some 
"electronic" sounding treatments to i played some stuff that would work ni 
reverse. after that to be honest it was a case of going through existing 
patches that where written for a very differant song and kind of just 
a go of it.

Im now thinking that the main picked notes would sound good with a very 
end viberato effect and a fair amount of reverb(if you have ever heard the 
song Roads by Portishead...thats the idea)

thanks again for listening
Phill MyOneManBand
>  NEVER make excuses or apologetic comments about your
>muzik!!!I have managed stages at street festivals and
>county fairs for decades and heard this a lot. ON
>STAGE!!! IN FRONT OF REAL POEPLE!!! Better to say,"
>here is a rough demo of something I've been
>composing/working on and was suddenly inspired to put
>it to tape(disc, mp3,what-have-you). Your muzik is
>good no matter what, because it is YOUR MUZIK! If
>people don't like it, what the hey, there's bound to
>be a bunch that will. Please do not take this as
>critisising or such, Your sounds are special and
>making explanations is insecurity. YOU ARE A MUSICIAN!
>I would, however, recomend a short description of how
>it was done, but wthout apologies.
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