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Re: a VERY early demo

Hi Matt thanks very much for your input here.

>I think you've got something here.  As you refine the tracks, leave  some 
>of the raw/unpolished feel
hehe no worry about that, once you have put my crappy guitar through my 
noisy pedals and into my nasty lofi recorder ;)... i know what you mean 
though, there are some sounds on this demo while picked relativly at  
that i find very listenable.

  I heard a more dynamic ending...with more
>clashing/ chaotic guitar work.
Yup not a bad idea, at the moment I am working on a way to spin the whole 
thing into reverse at the end for a big cinimatic outro, but i have to 
sure I can do this live , while singing etc..I feel very strongly about 
, i never do stuff in recordings i cant pull off live.

  Keep us
>posted as  things develop.
will do

>Nice vocals, too.
aww ta very much mate, it was late at night and the rest of the family 
in bed so i kind of half whispered it, i really like how that sounded, may 
take that on more on other tracks

Phill Myonemanband

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