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OT: Memorizing jazz chords

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Caio and best to everyone - Warren nice to hear your words again.
Thanks, Jim. I've been keeping an eye on the list, but mainly I've been off blogging about the process of memorizing jazz tunes, which is my project du jour (the memorizing, not so much the blogging - that's kind of incidental to the process): warrensirota.com/blog. (I'm new to blogs. It seems like you have to read this from the bottom to the top if you want it in posting sequence).
BTW, if anyone cares to educate me on what I should be doing or not doing with this blog, I'd welcome the info. I'm pretty clueless about it. Right now, I'm just logging these entries with the thought that maybe someday it'll be the basis of a music book, and hoping for a bit of feedback.