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a VERY early demo

Hi there all, well I have finally emerged from a long time in the creative 

I have been writing down odd lines for months and months in seperate word 
documents and today I finally felt inspired enough to paste them all into 
one uber document!! What do you know some of the lines actually rhyme and 
kind of for a narative. I only got as far as the first verse and i began 
singing a melody. I took this over to the guitar stuff and fiddled with 
notes with a simlpe beat. it started getting good so i began again and 
clicked my recorder on...the file Im showing you all hee is THAT track no 
fiddling around and to be honest no previous direction so i hope you will 
forgive that it is somewhat rough .. i sang the lines i had onto another 
track straight after again with no second takes I know that all the stuff 
kind of kicks in in the wong places and theres probably better patches for 
the individual layers but I was sooo happy to have finally written 
after such a long time, i just had to put it straight to a WAV file and 
a link to you all, here it is


I hope you enjoy listening to it, I am going to go back to evolving the 
further with more words a second verse at least and better timing for the 
layers but would love to hear anyones ideas of what I could add in etc.

Yours in happiness

Phill Myonemanband (formerly blackface)

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