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Re: Joe Pass-like looping rendition of Autumn Leaves (on YouTube)

The Joe Pass thing is fun. I'm no master at it, but I can generally play figured bass lines on my guitar for most jazz standard charts, and then fill in the comping with chords at the same time. If I recall correctly, I basically focused on learning how to pay figured bass lines first....just be able to take any chart and play it as if you were playing bass, but do so with the flesh of your thumb. Get that down first. Then, once you have those patterns internalized, start crafting all the various types of chord voicings (minor 7, major 7, dominant 7, etc) that correspond with the chords that you would ordinarily see on the first beat of a measure, or the first and third beats of a measure (if you have two chords per measure), but craft the chords so that you can play them in bar chord fashion, and on the upbeat (the "and") of the first and third beats of each measure, by plucking them with your fingers.  For example, if you are playing Bb minor blues, your figured bass line for the first measure could be Bb, C, C#, D on the sixth fret (beats 1, 2, 3, and 4), first string, but play the Bb while baring the 6th fret with your first first finger, and plucking strings 3, 4, and 5 on the upbeat (and) of the first beat, creating a minor 7th chord. Do this for the IV chord, and I-VI-II-V turn-around and you have it made.
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Subject: Re: Joe Pass-like looping rendition of Autumn Leaves (on YouTube)

Thanks for sharing that wonderful clip. It was very inspiring. I've also admired that style of playing and hope to one day work towards incorporating that craft into my playing. I've also been aiming to learn Bluegrass which is really out of this world for me. I think the dude used looping to great musical effect. Tanx.
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Subject: Joe Pass-like looping rendition of Autumn Leaves (on YouTube)

Not a bad Joe Pass-like looping rendition of Autumn Leaves  (yawn, heh heh...think McFerrin and Corea)...the nice thing is that he loops both the comping and bass lines at the same time (like Pass did), rather than doing bass, then chords as separate takes.... requires some chops to do that thing.
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