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Re: Imogen&Zoe

Your tour doesn't include Rome.....so.... i'm enjoining this video (and 
music obviously)
of a live looping performance by Imogen: just voice, hands clapping and 
Highly raccomended !!!

About the Repeater MK2, i've loose my faith about its outcoming and about 
the company
So, why dont' you try Mobius...?

In any case, good luck for the other tour dates and remember: next time, 
come and play in Rome !!!


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thanks stefan!

yes that blasted repeater. wouldn't get any sound at the inputs. we
took it apart, pressed the pins in and reloaded the OS. been fine for
the last couple shows.
both immi's and my repeaters have been extremely badly behaved this
tour. one of hers wouldn't respond to any button presses, midi
commands or anything (something mine does sometimes too, but i can
turn off the power to fix it). you couldn't even load the OS and
restarting didn't help. peter toms recommended taking it apart and
that worked.

CAN YOU HEAR US ELECTRIX?? immi's used her repeaters on letterman and
leno and is nominated for 2 grammys this year. PLEASE can't you find
it in your hearts to come out with MK2????!!

sorry the sound was so bunk. we do actually have an engineer with us
who is usually quite amazing. don't know why it got so loud. we can't
tell from the stage!

anyway. we're in bern today. it really is like a postcard!

loop on, zoe

On Jan 31, 2007, at 8:26 PM, Stefan Tiedje wrote:

> Michael Peters wrote:
>> What a great musician. I hope I can see her perform
>> again sometimes, maybe on some looping festival.
> I can confirm this to the highest degree, I've seen both the night  
> in Berlin, even though ZoŽ's one repeater refused to work,  all was 
> absolutely mind blowing. I never saw a performer with such  a complex 
> setup doing it all by herself. At least it didn't feel  like there is a 
> bunch of technical geniuses somewhere backstage or  at the desk (on the 
> contrary, the house sound started loud and  pretty good, but at the end 
> went more and more into bad  distortion, the engineer from the house 
> have been totally  deaf. I hope that Imogen will build up enough fans to 
> be able to  have her own sound engineer tour with her...)
> Stefan
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