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Re: OT: tape (was Cds)

Bake 'em! Tapes from the 50's are still playable...most people say audio 
cds have a life of ten years, though cdr's are known to often go bad 
sooner. As discussed a few weeks ago, the best solution is to store 
digital stuff on hard drives. Problem is that the technology moves so 
fast in this area that one will frequently have to transfer data to the 
new version...imagine having stuff on a 5 1/4" floppy, for instance, or 
even a hard drive from the late 80's. You'd have to go to great lengths 
even now to retrieve that, I'm sure in another ten years it'll be almost 

I think it was a point made by noted sage Steve Albini that tape 
recorders are such simple technology that one could be created from 
simple supplies and a schematic, as opposed to trying to recreate a 
computer from an earlier time which would be a monumental task.

ok, I'm just a tape fiend.

Daryl Shawn

> tape sounds good. But tape sucks. I have a shelf full of 2" masters 
> that are all goopy now.
> Lay not up treasures where moth and rust doth corrupt etc.
> Gold master DVDs and audio CDs are the closest thing we have to 
> eternity right now... other than our imaginations.
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> On 28-Jan-07, at 1:45 PM, David Gans wrote:
>     At 12:36 PM -0800 1/3/07, samba - wrote:
>         I've was told by a very prominent ethnomusicologist who I met
>         at Lou Harrison's house that tape is still the prefered media
>         for archival storage.