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OT: Wireless Headphones for studio use

Well, the day is soon upon me... soon I don
Birkenstocks and head toward Berkeley, CA.

The place we're moving to has a wonderful space for my
loopstudio.  However... it's right off the main living
room and since it's a loft style condo there's really
no ceiling.  It just goes up to the 3rd floor which is
the bedroom.

I know, I know.  It's got issues, but I'm sure the
acoustics can be addressed in time.  What I'm more
worried about in the short term is getting a set of
comfortable headphones that do an amazing job blocking
out the outside world.  (probably TV) Since I bounce
around from instrument to instrument a lot I'd rather
not have to deal with wires.

I have Shure E5s that I use on the train and I like
them a lot.  Is the wireless monitor system by them
going to make me happy?  Anyone used it?  

I'm open to all suggestions...


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