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Re: how i'm looping these days

yeah, but are you getting a click or metronome from ableton?

On Jan 22, 2007, at 4:00 PM, Zoe Keating wrote:

> ok, FINALLY i am in one place long enough to write this email. i'm  
> in london, where it is COLD.
> i think fabio asked how i am looping 12 tracks with minimal foot  
> swtiching.
> so...
> dummy clips in ableton live
> the setup goes like this:
> - my foot taps a button on the FCB1010
> - the FCB1010 sends PC messages to Ableton
> - PC messages launch clips or scenes or a sequence of clips
> - some of the clips are midi clips containing notes
> - midi notes are translated in midipipe and sent back to Repeater1,  
> Repeater2, and Ableton*
> - these midi clips work like sequencers, sending batches of timed  
> commands to the Repeaters (record, stop record, next track, record,  
> pan, mute, etc)
> - some of the clips are blank audio clips
> - the blank audio clips contain envelope information for the audio  
> coming in from Repeater1 and Repeater2 (like an automated mixer.  
> for example to fade out the audio of a Repeater)
> Sounds complicated, but its actually very simple. whereas before  
> every button of the FCB1010 controlled a single function of a  
> Repeater, now i have a button to do the batches of things I tend to  
> do, but i only have to press the button once.
> Snags:
> - Repeaters can't deal with midi messages fired at them in close  
> succession. i have to space things out so no messages are sent  
> simultaneously, however, with clever spacing of the sequenced  
> events, it "seems" simultaneous.
> - I think it might be my midi interfaces (emagic) but sometimes  
> notes are dropped. i can still "take control" of the repeater at  
> any time when an error occurs though by using the same old banks I  
> always used on the FCB1010.
> anyway, that's the long and short of it. its been pretty  
> revolutionary for me because i can spend more time playing the  
> cello and less time worrying about hitting the right sequence of  
> footswitches.
> my time is about to run out on this internet access (so expensive  
> over here!!) or i would write more.
> ask questions if you have them.
> *Note about Abletone: my intention was to use the Looperlative for  
> the extra 4 loops, but I had some difficulties using the unit and  
> found it quicker to program Ableton. also, since i have to travel  
> pretty far and wanted all my gear to fit in a 5 space rack, i  
> decided to lose the Looperlative and use the computer (have my motu  
> and power supply in the 5th space). this is not to say i won't use  
> the Looperlative later, i just ran out of time and had to move on  
> to a tool i was more familiar with.