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RE: How do I? (EDP question)

Thanks Per.  I tried my analog pedal but it only uses about half of the
range of feedback.  Right now I'm not MIDI at all.  Having too much fun
learning it as is.



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On 20 jan 2007, at 19.48, Michael Plishka wrote:

>> Also, which pedal are you folks using to control feedback (those
>> that do)?

oops... I missed that one ;-)   I have an analog volume pedal that
can be plugged into the rear "feedback"jack. But I rarely use that
one, since prefer the MIDI expression pedal on the Behringer FCB1010.
If using a MIDI pedal sending MIDI CC# data you need to tell the EDP
which MICI CC# it is. There are 128 to chose from. The EDP front
panel menu to enter this info at is marked "FeedBkCont".

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