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Re: Boss RC50 (MIXED MODE)

Hey Buzap,
thanks for the great workaround idea! I was planning on getting the 
additional switch FS6 but had different plans for what it would control. I 
didn't think there was a way around the mix mode. I'm sure others and 
would be very interested to learn more from you how you execute your 
"delicate footwork" technique to get around the simulated mix mode. :) 

Randolf Arriola (aka the embryo)
Hp 97584919
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Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2007 5:04 PM
Subject: Re: Boss RC50 (MIXED MODE)

> Hi Randolf
> thanks for your detailed feedback.
> Good to hear someone also happy with the RC50. :-)
> A MIXED MODE (PHRASE1 continuous, switch between PHRASE2/3) would be a 
> great feature for the RC50 and actually pretty easy to implement.
> I simulate this feature in MULTI MODE by running a phrase and switching 
> between two others with 2 external foot switches. This requires delicate 
> foot skills, though ;-) So a MIXED MODE (besides multi/single) would be 
> Best regards
> Buzap
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