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Re: LOOPERLATIVE demo schedule at NAMM

>>>> From: "RICK WALKER" <looppool@cruzio.com>
>>>>> There are plans to write software for
>>>>> the looperlative so that these
>>>>> choppings can be related to musical rhtyhmic subdivisions (as they
>>>>> are random slices not).
>>> That's good to hear! I was wondering about that and actually writing
>>> up on that on the Looperlative forum last week with no reply so far.
>>> Good to know. How come it was designed so "unmusically" in the first
>>> place?

On Jan 17, 2007, at 10:19 AM, akbutler@tiscali.co.uk wrote:

>> ...because that's what the user asked for ?
>> I think the intention is to use it to change ambient wash type  
>> loops into
>> something rhythmic.
>> The kind of sound you can get with the EDP 8th Quant replace  
>> trick, but without
>> having to do all those button presses.
>> ...and I have a notion that the person who requested it was not  
>> into synced
>> loops ;-)
>> So would this feature have been inspired by Claude Voits LD 10th  
>> Anniversary
>> piece?
>> andy butler

On 17 jan 2007, at 19.33, Mark Landman wrote:
> I believe (remembering this from somewhere on the Looperlative  
> forum) that this was based on the size of the chunks of memory that  
> Looperlative works with, in other words, it was easy to address  
> memory in these sizes and the idea grew out of that. It was also  
> stated that the developer intended to provide access to musically  
> related tempos after finding out how well the "randomizing"  
> function was received.

Wouldn't it be a bit more promising if ideas for future development  
grew out of musical application of the instrument rather than out of  
technical coincidences like "sizes of memory chunks"?  ;-)

Anyway, no matter the history of this function I'm glad to hear Rick  
reporting that it will be refined in OS upgrades. Maybe it "just  
happened" like the much beloved Loop Windowing feature of the EDP;  
originally looked at as "a bug" but later on discovered as a useful  
and inspiring tool as it is.

Except for the tempo issue the Shuffling sounds very good on the  
Looperlative, from what I have heard.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)
http://tinyurl.com/fauvm (podcast)