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RE: Syncing GR-30 and repeater (Mac)

Thought I'd chime in, the Gr30 does send and recieve midi clock very well
and it has the only programmable arpeggio function of any of the GR's. 

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Hello, again, Rune.

"Is it possible to sync (slave) GR-30 to another item -
as repeater or mac- so the appegiator works in sync
with the beat ?


My GR33 doesn't receive MIDI sync, much to my frustration.   The VG does,
but that's another novella.  I doubt the GR30 does, either.  I'd need a
manual to be sure, it's been a long time since I had my hands on the 30 and
it wasn't mine.

Just a thought.  Is there a device that converts MIDI clock to determined
MIDI CC value like the Behringer 1010 can do with Tap Tempo?  Maybe someone
else in the group knows.