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Re: crossfading

I don't understand Per's statement: "which might be the other loop".  
What other loop? (since the EDP can play 1 loop at a time)
Also, in what sense is Replace a crossfade? Isn't it rather a hard cut?

On Jan 11, 2007, at 23:10 :29, Per Boysen wrote:

>>>> I was just wondering if anyone else is interested in being able to
>>>> crossfading between loop .....
> On 11 jan 2007, at 22.18, a k butler wrote:
>> The EDP has something called Flip Mode.
>> Which lets you cross-fade the live material into the loop.
>> Sounds just like a dj x-fade once the loop has gone round.
>> I like it.
> I like the Replace Mode of the EDP, for similar reason. But it only  
> crossfades between one onboard loop and the audio input you're  
> feeding it (which might be the other loop to crossfade between).
> Greetings from Sweden