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loopers in Rome: check this out

date:  9feb07
city:  Rome
event:  Gazelab-"SGUARDO"

Rome Auditorium, Parco della Musica

A Stage work conceived by Roberto Masotti

Jon Hassell-trumpet, voice
Terje Rypdal-guitar, voice
Miki N'Doye-kalimba, tamma, m'balax, bongo, voice 
Jon Balke-keyboard, prepared piano, voice 
Anja Lechner-violoncello, voice

"M2" (Maurizio Martusciello-aka "Martux" and 
Mario Masullo-aka "Mass")-electronics and sound design 
Roberto Masotti with DDR / Videoflot-projected imagery 
Gerardo Lamattina-video elaboration and coordination 
Lino Greco-live video