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Re: Cassette 4-Track... Req!

Hmm...that makes it a little difficult, as there aren't many cassette 
four-tracks still being manufactured. Tascam (my favorite) makes three, 
but only the entry-level MFP01 and 02 mark II operate at regular speed. 
They might work for you, but neither has EQ, effects loops, etc. Fostex 
makes the X-12 which is regular speed, but I don't really recommend 
their stuff, it's very cheaply made. I'm pretty sure Yamaha and Marantz 
have stopped production of these machines altogether, but you might 
still be able to find a few dealers and grab a Yamaha MT4x which is a 
good box.

best of luck,

Daryl Shawn
> Thanks so far guys.  I'd really like to get something that's not a 
> used piece of equipment, if only for peace of mind.  I should have 
> mentioned that my masters weren't done at 3-3/4 ips as for instance 
> the Tascam 414 MKII offers up...
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>> Heh heh heh...do I ever, it's my main looping machine. I love 'em! Go 
>> with a Tascam, the 424 mark 3 or the 464 are both excellent machines 
>> with good transports, and you can usually get either for less than 
>> $100 on Ebay.
>> I own seven four-tracks, unfortunately five of them are in storage 
>> and the other two are here with me in south Mexico, or I'd be happy 
>> to lend you one. Feel free to come on by, tho'.
>> Oh, and Paul, be careful, the 688's are eight track cassette, not 
>> four. However, the 644 is a four-track with similar mixing and 
>> automation capabilities.
>> Daryl Shawn
>> www.swanwelder.com
>>> Hi folks!
>>> Remember 4-track cassette recorders?
>>> I've got to get ahold of a cassette 4-track to remaster some old 
>>> tapes to high res data files.  Having looked at the few that seem to 
>>> be out there I didn't get the impression that the Tascam or Fostex 
>>> was really what I wanted, quality-wise.  I need a 4-track cassette 
>>> machine with an excellent tape path, motor etc. - something suitable 
>>> to work with cassettes, some of which (however carefully and 
>>> lovingly stored) are circa 1980.  (I've got to do something while 
>>> getting my finger back to snap - and it's coming along well, for 
>>> those who helped in April)
>>> I never used dbx or dolby to do any of these masters, so that's not 
>>> an issue.  I just need something quiet and fine.  Your suggestions 
>>> are greatly appreciated.