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Re: Anthropomorphism CURSE UPON Damian Stewart!

Sounds like the scale of coolness usually associated with Tuban throat singing.   Are there any recordings of it online?  Thx.
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Sent: Monday, 8 January, 2007 20:31 PM
Subject: Re: Anthropomorphism CURSE UPON Damian Stewart!

Hey! If it 'takes you there' who cares what it costs? I got my greatest lift this Christmas from something I gave away and it didn't cost me a penny! Well... in a way.

Have you ever heard Karma Moffitt from San Francisco and the cool things he does with Tibetan bowls? It's well worth a listen. Haven't heard any in a while but he does this thing where he puts his mouth down by the rim of the bowl and makes vowel shapes with his mouth that gives it a really cool wah wah or something sound. Sort of like that thing Peter Frampton used to use - a talk box - but with Tibetan bowls!

richard sales
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On 8-Jan-07, at 12:15 PM, Stefan Tiedje wrote:

Damian Stewart wrote:
yeah, sorry. i'm touchy cos it's Christmas. BUY MORE USELESS SH*T! &c.

The only christmas present I could afford was a tibetan bowl for 7 Euros. This useless shit sounds great and switches my spirit into another state, don't know why and how. I should call her Lucille, or if its a male instrument (she would tell me wouldn't she?) I'd call it Damian, for sure it'll protect my life...

Though all my bowls gained a lot of value moneywise, I'd rather starve than sell them... (neither know why nor how... ;-)

Happy new gear


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