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Re: EDP woes


Building Custom Footswitches and Pedals

Some people like to build their own pedals to meet their own unique applications or for custom pedal boards or whatever. This is very easy on the Echoplex.

The circuit for a switch connected to the Footpedal jack is very simple. It is just a resistor and a momentary switch connected in series between the tip and sleeve of the jack. Pressing the switch connects the tip and sleeve together through the resistor. The Resistor values determine the function that the Echoplex executes. These switches can be in parallel, although if you press several at once you will get unpredictable results. (It is possible to press other switches while holding down Overdub, however). If you look in the EFC-7 pedal you will see that it is just seven switch-resistor combinations, all in parallel between the tip and sleeve of the panel mount jack. Simple.

1% metal film resistors should be used, here are the appropriate values:

0 ohms
14.3K ohms
7.87K ohms
4.75K ohms
2.87K ohms
1.58K ohms
681 ohms


If you want to make your own feedback footpedal (or elbow pedal, or whatever), use a 20k ohm or greater pot. Linear taper is probably better, but log works too. The value and taper will change the feel of the pedal, so you may want to experiment a little. The feedback level is controlled by the amount of resistance between the tip and sleeve. Anything over 20k should be maximum feedback, anything down around 0 should be no feedback. Connect the potentiometer's wiper to the tip, and the sleeve to one end of the pot. (Make sure it's the end that lets the pedal operate in the direction you want.) Simple!

On 1/8/07, David Gans <david@trufun.com> wrote:
At 7:33 PM -0800 1/7/07, Travis Hartnett wrote:
>If you're using the EFC-7 you can also break out the ohm meter and
>test that each button is reliably showing the assigned resistance
>value.  Those values are on the LD site under Tools of the Trade

Thanks.  I am not finding that info - any idea where it might be?

I'm looking at http://loopers-delight.com/tools/echoplex/echoplex.html


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